Marshall Fighting Championship is the first ever fully crypto-powered combat sports promotion in the world!

MFC President Dave Leduc and CEO Chris Garrido at MFC 1: “The Great Beginning”

Since its launch in early 2022, Marshall Inu has enjoyed one of the most impressive journeys in the crypto space, skyrocketing to upwards of 190 million dollars market capitalization. Along the way, it has built one of the greatest communities in all crypto, combining meme coin lovers and fight fans. Its whole concept is to “Fight For Fighters” who entertain us, but who are overwhelmingly underpaid.

The need to offer something tangible for combat sports athletes and fight fans was growing rapidly and in late 2022, only 6 months after the launch of Marshall Inu, the team launched its very own fight championship via MFC (Marshall Fighting Championship).

MFC has created a platform for fighters worldwide to showcase their skills and compete as professional fighters while earning crypto and revolutionizing both the crypto and the Marshall Arts world.

MFC aims to create champions and become a top-tier combat sports promotion serving as a platform for hundreds of athletes and crypto projects and businesses to promote their concepts to a massive community of crypto and mixed martial arts enthusiasts.

The promotion side of the project is under the leadership of businessman and 6-times undefeated Lethwei World Champion Dave Leduc serving as President, as well as the cryptocurrency expert and seasoned businessman Christopher Garrido serving as Chief Operating Officer, the MFC Team will focus on hosting events in strategic crypto hubs, thus massively increasing crypto adoption around the world as well as promoting and growing martial arts.